Compassionate, experienced dog walkers in County Durham


Dog Walks

We walk a maximum of two dogs at any one time to ensure your canine companions receive the care and attention they deserve. Individual dog walks are also available on request.

We will pick up your furry friend from your home and drop him or her off after their walk.

Your beloved pet will NOT be in transport for extensive travelling time as we only pick up a maximum of two dogs and only work in the local area. When we drop your pet home after their walk, we will towel dry them if required, refresh their water and give them a treat at your request.

Dog Walk Prices

Before any service is booked, we would like to meet you and your pet to discuss your requirements. There is no charge for this meet and greet meeting and you can decide if you want your beloved dog to join us. Dog walks are available Monday to Friday.

Home Visits

We provide a home visit service, should you prefer us to look in on your furry friends during the day. This service is ideal for puppies who have not finished their vaccinations or for older dogs who need some special care and attention. This service will be in line with your beloved companion’s individual requirements. 

Home Visit Prices

If you require a home visit for a senior dog or puppy we will look in on them during the day, feed, water, and exercise your dog as required.

Payment for dog walks should be made by bank transfer or cash, and payment is due on Friday each week.

Any Questions?

We understand that the care of your beloved canine companion is important to you, which is why we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.